General terms and conditions

Booking conditions

Article 1: Payment

  1. At the conclusion of an agreement with Wine & Dine Travels, an amount (down payment) equal to 15% of the total agreed travel price and amounting to at least Euro 45,- per person shall be paid.
  2. In case of own transport trips, the down payment at the conclusion of the travel agreement for hotel accommodation is equal to this.
  3. If the travel contract is concluded within 6 weeks before the date of departure, the entire travel sum must be paid immediately.
  4. If payment is not made or not made in time, the traveller is in default and the contracts are deemed cancelled.
  5. Wine & Dine Travels must receive the balance of the travel price no later than 6 weeks before the day of departure. For self-drive trips, this is 8 weeks before the arrival date of the first booked accommodation. In case of late payment, the traveller is in default. The traveller will be notified in writing by or on behalf of Wine & Dine Travels. The traveller still has the opportunity to pay the amount due within 8 working days. If payment is still not made, the agreement is deemed to be cancelled on the day of default. Wine & Dine Travels is entitled to charge the cancellation fee due.

Article 2: Travel price

  1. The published travel price is per person, unless expressly stated otherwise in the respective publication. This includes the services and amenities as stated in the publication.
  2. The published travel price is based on the prices, exchange rates, levies and taxes as they were known to Wine & Dine Travels at the time of printing the publication.
  3. Wine & Dine Travels is entitled to increase the trip price up to 20 days prior to the start of the trip due to changes in transportation costs, including fuel costs, levies due or applicable exchange rates. Wine & Dine Travels will indicate the method used to calculate the increase. The traveller may reject the increase, upon which Wine & Dine Travels may cancel the travel agreement. The traveller will receive a refund of the trip price or, if the trip has already been partially enjoyed, a proportional part thereof.

Article 3: Modification by client/traveller

  1. Change of booking means the cancellation of an already confirmed booking, at the same time making a new booking for the same client(s).
  2. The cost of amendment depends partly on the terms and conditions of the service provider and the terms and conditions of the chosen fare. Costs charged by the service provider in connection with the change shall be borne by the client.
  3. In case of modification of only the outward and/or return travel date, Wine & Dine Travels shall charge Euro 50,- modification fee per action in addition to the costs mentioned under point 2.
  4. For all other changes, Wine & Dine Travels shall charge a change fee of Euro 35,- per person in addition to the costs mentioned in point 2.

Article 4: Cancellation by the traveller

  1. If an agreement is cancelled, a cancellation fee shall be payable by each traveller in addition to any reservation fees.
    1. In case of cancellation up to 56 days before the day of departure: Euro 35,- per person up to a maximum of 25% of the travel sum.
    2. For cancellation from the 56th day (inclusive ) to the 28th day (exclusive) before the day of departure: The deposit, up to a maximum of 30% of the travel sum.
    3. For cancellation from the 28th day (inclusive) to the 14th day (exclusive) before the day of departure: 60% of the travel sum
    4. If you cancel from the 14th day (inclusive) to the day of departure: 80% of the travel sum
    5. Cancellation on the day of departure or later: the full travel sum

Article 5: Cancellation by Wine & Dine Travels

  1. If the traveller fails to fulfil his payment obligations, Wine & Dine Travels is entitled to terminate the agreement with immediate effect, without prejudice to Wine & Dine Travels' right to payment of the trip price plus interest and costs.
  2. Wine & Dine Travels may further terminate the travel agreement only due to serious circumstances and only with immediate effect. Wine & Dine Travels shall immediately inform the traveller in writing or by telephone of the termination and the reasons for it.
  3. Wine & Dine Travels shall in particular be entitled to terminate the agreement with immediate effect up to 5 working days prior to the day of departure, if the number of travellers who have signed up for a particular trip is less than the minimum number of travellers required for said trip.
  4. If the travel agreement is terminated by Wine & Dine Travels on the basis of insufficient participation as referred to in and in accordance with section 3 or on the basis of force majeure, Wine & Dine Travels shall not owe the traveller any compensation.

Article 6: Conclusion of the travel agreement

  1. The travel agreement is established by the acceptance by the traveller of the offer of Wine & Dine Travels.
  2. The content of the agreement is determined by the publication of Wine & Dine Travels and possible written confirmed deviations/additions.
  3. Wine & Dine Travels is not bound by apparent (writing) errors and mistakes in a publication of Wine & Dine Travels.

Article 7: Execution of the trip

  1. Wine & Dine Travels is entitled to enter into travel agreements for the execution of the trip.
  2. The traveller is obligated to follow all instructions of Wine & Dine Travels and/or its representative or agent to promote the proper execution of the trip and is liable for damages caused by his unauthorized behaviour, to be judged by the standard of behaviour of a proper traveller.
  3. The traveller who causes nuisance or inconvenience to such an extent that the proper execution of the trip is or may be hampered, may be excluded from the trip by Wine & Dine Travels if Wine & Dine Travels cannot reasonably be required to fulfil the contract. All costs resulting from the nuisance and exclusion shall be borne by the traveller, if and insofar as the consequences of nuisance or burden can be attributed to him/her. A refund of the travel sum or part of the travel sum may be granted if the traveller concerned is not to blame with regard to exclusion.
  4. The traveller is obligated to communicate any failure in the execution of the travel agreement, which is detected by him/her on the spot, as soon as possible in writing or in another suitable form to the service provider involved and/or Wine & Dine Travels or its representative on the spot. If the latter does not resolve the shortcoming within a reasonable time, the traveller shall immediately contact Wine & Dine Travels' head office.
  5. If the traveller has not, not promptly or not completely fulfilled one or more of the aforementioned obligations, Wine & Dine Travels is entitled to charge the traveller for any additional costs incurred in the execution of the trip as a result of the non-fulfilment of the traveller's obligations.

Article 8: Travel documents

  1. The traveller must be in possession of the necessary documents at departure and during the trip, such as a valid passport, or, where permitted, a tourist card and any required visas, proof of inoculations and vaccinations, driver's license and green card.
  2. If, upon departure from the Netherlands or in the course of the trip, it appears that a traveller does not have the required travel and/or border documents, Wine & Dine Travels reserves the right to exclude the person concerned from (further) participation in the trip. Wine & Dine Travels shall not be liable for the consequences of exclusion from the trip. All costs incurred are at the expense and risk of the traveller.
  3. If a traveller cannot make the trip (in its entirety) due to the absence of any valid document, this and all related consequences and costs shall be borne by the traveller, unless Wine & Dine Travels has promised in writing to take care of the document and the absence of which Wine & Dine Travels can be held responsible.

Article 9: Liability and force majeure

  1. Wine & Dine Travels is obliged to execute the travel agreement in accordance with the expectations the traveller may reasonably have on the basis of the agreement.
  2. If the trip does not proceed in accordance with the expectations referred to in point 1, the traveller is obliged to notify the service provider involved as soon as possible.
  3. Force majeure is defined as the abnormal and unforeseeable circumstances independent of the will of the party invoking it, the consequences of which could not be avoided despite all precautions.

Article 10: Information

  1. Wine & Dine Travels shall also inform the traveller upon or shortly after the conclusion of the travel agreement about the possibilities of cancellation and/or travel insurance.
  2. Without prejudice to the above, it is the responsibility of the traveller to obtain the necessary (additional) information from the relevant authorities and to check in good time before departure that information obtained earlier has not changed.

Additional conditions budget airline:

Wine & Dine Travels does not guarantee the flight price and flight guarantees of budget airlines such as Skyeurope, Easyjet, Air-berlin or other similar airlines. The booking is considered a service to the customer for obtaining a travel package. Any price changes during the actual booking will be charged to the customer on a one-to-one basis. If the travel package is cancelled, no refund of the flight is possible. Any disputes with the budget airline must be settled directly without the intervention of Wine & Dine Travels. The fees charged by Wine & Dine Travels for the booking are exclusively credit-card fees and costs for administrative handling. Due to these charges, Wine & Dine Travels does not bind itself to the Budget airline.

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